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Selecting the Service Plan:
Select the service plan below that works best for you. When you've decided on which one, then follow the 'continue' link at the bottom of this page.

Ordering Process

Step 1: Service Plan
Step 2: Phone Type
Step 3: Rental Summary

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(Japanese-based phone number):

flag of Japan
This plan is for travelers to Japan only, since the cellular phone system in Japan is different from cellular phone systems used in other countries.  (The Japanese cellular phone system is called the PDC system.)
Click here if you plan to travel or roam to other Asian counties.
This plan offers you a variety of options and is best suited for those that need the simple convenience of local, Japan-wide coverage. Choose this service if......

1) You plan on mostly making calls in Japan.
2) You need a phone number outside of the U.S. that provides access to Japan.
3) You do not plan on traveling to other parts of the world.

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Airtime Rates:

What we call this service: World Service for Japan
Type of phone number: Japanese phone number
Per minute
when in Japan
Per minute
See roaming plan
Incoming calls within Japan FREE not available
Outgoing calls within Japan $ 1.95 not available
International long distance (calls made to the U.S., Asia, Europe, Africa) $ 4.95 not available
Local tax surcharge included not available



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