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We offer a variety of solutions for Australia:

Solution 1. Australian pickup:
If you wish to pick up your phone directly in Australia, this is the ideal solution for you. Enjoy these advantages:
  • For our customers:
    - Rush delivery within two hours in most capital cities - ask our delivery agent for details.
    - Delivery of your rental phone will be made by a trained Sales Technician - ideal for answering any questions you may have.

  • If you're a member of Qantas' airlines Qantas Club, you may collect your phone from any domestic terminal.

  • Our delivery agent has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, and has a joint marketing agreement with Telstra (Australia's telephone company).
step 1. Select a Service Plan Click here to see rental rates in a separate window (given in Australian dollars). Recently, the approximate conversion rate was 1 Australian dollar = $0.55 US. (See footnote at bottom of this page.)
step 1. Select a Service Plan After reviewing the rates, fill out the online order form. This will ensure your order receives priority handling.

Solution 2. U.S. pickup: Or, if you wish to receive your phone before you leave the U.S., our World Service - which is a phone number that is based in Europe - provides worldwide coverage in more than 100+ countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

(Footnote: Click here to see an updated conversion rate from Australian dollars to U.S. dollars. After you click, a new window will open. Simply scroll down until you see the 'Convert Now' button. To the left of that button will be a pull-down menu showing the 'Interbank rate'. We suggest for more accurate rates you select the 'typical credit card rate: +2%' and then press the 'Convert Now' button. When you're done with the window, simply close it.)



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