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Information about caller-initiated voice calls

caller-initiated voice calls overview

There are two ways to call a satellite phone:

1. The first way is for the caller to simply use their long distance carrier and specify a country code of 8816, which identifies the Iridium satellite system.

2. The second way is to call an Arizona phone number, which will then make the connection to the satellite phone. This is called "two-stage" dialing because the caller calls one number (the Arizona phone number) and then continues by calling the second number (the satellite phone number). This, however, may be less expensive - see representative rates below.

The price for two-stage calling is the cost of the call to Arizona, plus $1.10-$1.85 per min. for the second stage. Note: the second stage amount is billed to the satellite phone and not to the caller - this is the one exception to the "all incoming calls" are free.

Representative rates from long distance carriers are:

  • AT&T rate is $1.25/min
  • Verizon rate is $3.50/min, plus $4.00 per month. (select your state and for "I want to call," select "iridium" and click on "more info.")
  • Sprint rate is $1.99/min.
  • Calling card rate is $2.65-$2.79/min.
    enter USA for origin and Iridium for destination
  • Calling card rate is $2.13/min.
    enter country code 8816



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