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step 1. Select a Service Plan
Selecting the Service Plan:
Select the service plan below that works best for you. When you've decided on which one, then follow the 'continue' link at the bottom of this page.

Ordering Process

Step 1: Service Plan
Step 2: Phone Type
Step 3: Rental Summary

Step 4: go directly to reserving your phone

(U.K. or Swiss-based phone number for use in France):

flag of France
This plan offers you a variety of options and is best suited for those that need the simple convenience of world coverage. Choose World Service if......

1) You need a local, centrally-based, phone number.
2) You plan on being reached and making calls around the world in 100+ countries.
3) Ask for a Swiss-based number if you would like voicemail prompts in French or English.

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Airtime Rates:

What we call this service World Service
Type of phone number U.K. or Swiss-based phone number
Per minute
(100+ countries) including France
Per minute
while roaming in Exception countries
Incoming calls $ 0.99 $ 2.29
Outgoing local calls $ 0.99 $ 2.29
Outgoing international long distance (calls made to the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa) $ 2.99 $ 5.99
Voicemail message retrieval $ 0.75 $ 5.99
Local tax surcharge included included



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