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PCS uses GSM-1900, whereas the overseas GSM standard is GSM-1800 and GSM-900. The 1900, 1800 and 900 refer to frequencies operating in the 1900-Megahertz, 1800-Megahertz and 900-Megahertz band.

Think of these numbers the way you think of numbers found on a conventional radio. If you listen to radio station KGO, which is 810 on the dial, then you can't listen at the same time to radio station KCBS, which is 740 on the dial. A similar analogy applies to your cellular and PCS phone - your phone uses one frequency or the other.

However, WorldRoam has arrangements that allow you to either rent a phone that will work overseas, or be able to use a U.S.-based phone number that will roam across the ocean, and allow you to stay in touch!

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